No two kids are the same, but they all like to play

At Inclusive Play our vision is to develop and manufacture quality products that
enable children – no matter their ability – to play together


PiPA - Plan Inclusive Play Areas

PiPA is our design methodology that helps Local Authorities, Landscape
Architects, Town Planners and Partners create and inclusive outdoor play
area. PiPA will provide expert knowledge to anyone designing a play area.


Inclusive Play its all we do

At Inclusive Play all our products are designed around the Six Senses Wheel.
Making sure sensory receptors are engaged during play.

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Things to know about Inclusive Play
Inclusive Products
Inclusive Play designs, develops and manufactures innovative play products which offer choice and challenge, enabling children to play and learn together regardless of any impairment. .All our products are designed around the Six Senses Wheel.  This is vital for development and ensures the play experience involves the entire body where possible. Our products consider how many senses are engaged from both a seated and standing position.
Our Products
Inclusive Design
A fully inclusive playground promotes the social model of disability where barriers to play are designed out. It enables self esteem and builds confidence as well as encouraging independence. Our design methodology PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) helps you design Inclusive Playspaces. It evaluates existing play provisions, and is the go-to tool to help you understand a wide range of disabilities without being an expert, ensuring you offer the best inclusive provision.
Our Design
Inclusive Partners
We partner with some of the largest play companies in the world who we share a common goal with.  We continue to build our network of like minded play people who are focused on Inclusion being at the core of their business.  Working with Inclusive Play gives you access to our unique products and resources to support your business. Using our PiPA design methodology we will help train you and your staff to deliver true Inclusion.
Our Partners
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Examples of our Work
United Kingdom
Soel Joel Play Area
The design for Sol Joel provides play activities to fulfil a sensory diet, from accessible high points and dynamic activities accessible for all children to a range of audio, tactile and visual play themes. The triple bay swings provides a really social space with a supported swing for children with postural difficulties that minimises segregation and opens up play to more children!  With a PiPA designed play area,  Sol Joel continues to be a popular site for all families. The opening day proved how much all children can enjoy and benefit from a truly inclusive space and to have the opportunity to expand their social circle to include all the family.
Manly Park, North Steyne
Set along the famous Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia this park upgrade has proved to be immensely popular with locals and tourists alike. Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone was such an important part of the brief. Included in the design of the park was the dynamic and ever popular Wheelspin roundabout, a variety of sensory play panels and a wheelchair swing making sure this park has something for everyone.
North America
City of Newberry
This was a major endeavor by the City of Newberry and proved to be quite a challenge working out all of the details, Inclusive Play were patient enough to answer all of my many questions. The ease of use and solid construction surpassed any other swing I came across in my research.  Many of the Newberry families with special needs children have used social media to set up play dates to meet at the park and let ALL of their kids play. The City of Newberry is thankful to the cooperation of Inclusive Play in working to bring the iSwing experience to the community.
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