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Your Top 5 Inclusion Facts & Checklist

Your Top 5 – Inclusion Facts

1. 1 child in 20 under the age of 16 has a disability in the UK

2. Recent research in the UK and USA has shown that children living with Autism and other Sensory Processing Disorders are growing. In the UK over half of disabled children are classified as being on the Autism Spectrum.

3. Many children registered disabled do not live with just one impairment, but may have more complex needs.

4. The Sense Report Case for Play (2016) found that over 50% of disabled children are excluded from play opportunities.

5. The Equality Act 2010 replaced most of the Disability Discrimination Act however this still embodies many elements of the DDA Act 2004 which states that providers must take reasonable steps to remove or alter any features that make it impossible for disabled persons to access.

Your Top 5 – Inclusion Checklist

1. Sensory Experiences are valued by every child, ensure your play area doesn’t just focus on physical movement.

2. Areas for relaxation and downtime are great for children and their parents to relax. It also ensures that children who need a little ‘me’ time can choose to get away from the general noise.

3. Pathways may sound like a boring point, but imagine if you couldn’t even get into a play area? Firm pathways for wheelchairs, children with walking aids and visually impaired children are important and must be at least 1.2 metres wide.

4. Ramped access points onto raised platforms or multiplay units open up play experiences to more children and their families. All children appreciate the feeling of height, it could be as simple as a raised decked area with some play features dotted around.

5. How are you going to let families know that the play area is accessible? Complete our PiPA Self-assessment to see if your play area qualified for PiPA status and promotion on our PiPA Map!


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