No two kids are the same.
But they all love to play!

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We’re proud supporters of Music for Autism!

Music for Autism

Inclusive Play launch their brand new Music Box series this month which brings the valuable experience of music and sound straight to your local play area! The Music Box is designed with a table top height perfect for wheelchair users and also for children and adults to stand at. The braille lettering helps to engage more children as well as the colourful style of the Music Box range.

Bringing music into play areas really was inspired through the charity Music for Autism who bring music and joy to children with autism.

John Lubbock, co founder, and selected musicians from his world class Orchestra of St John’s, an internationally renowned ensemble have played at the Royal Albert Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic and the Carnegie Hall in New York, and stages about 30 performances each year for the paying public. But alongside this it spends 40 days a year at schools, playing to children who have autism. Over 11 years the OSJ has performed for more than 35,000 autistic children. In the UK there are 106,000 school children with autism, according to the National Autistic Society, including 61,570 in the state system.

We are delighted to support such a valuable project. John Lubbock says of Inclusive Play:

‘What you  are doing is wonderful – parents need companies like you to recognise the wide needs of our children’

Music Box featuring: glockenspiel, xylophone, bongos and drums

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