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Wear your sweater to make it better is back!

The team here at Inclusive Play never need an excuse to get into the Christmas spirit and don a silly jumper, but when there is a good cause like Save the Children that can benefit from our silly festive behaviour then we’re in! This year we are roping in our friends at Park Leisure, Urban Ramps and Jupiter Play too! If you want to get involved just contact

Xmas Jumper Best

Now in its third year this campaign has raised £1.6 million so far, so let’s keep doing our bit to give children all over the world a fighting chance of life.

Save The Children support some of the most vulnerable children across the world. Currently working in 120 countries they are focused on saving children’s lives and giving them a better chance in life. When there is a crisis they move quickly to support children who may be in life threatening situations or have lost their family in the Ebola crisis or civil war in Syria.

Save the Children are also committed to making a sustainable change and provide vital programmes within education, health, poverty, hunger and child protection.

Let’s make a positive change; all it takes is £2 (that’s not even a fancy coffee out in town or a pint down the local!) just text: TEAMIPLAY to 70050 and your money will go a long way to provide life this christmas. This year the UK Government has pledged to double your money so get texting!

We promise we will post our photos for you all to have a laugh at!

Track our progress on the Woolly Wonderboard

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