No two kids are the same.
But they all love to play!

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United Kingdom

England, Wales & Scotland 

Jupiter Play is an independent play and sport design consultancy; home to some of the world’s most unique and innovative outdoor equipment. As an independent consultancy, Jupiter Play’s award-winning design team can offer advice on how to develop your sport or play project.

Innovation & Inclusion are two of Jupiter Play’s core values. The team behind the brand is passionate about supporting new designs and championing new technologies and innovations in the industry, with the aim of inspiring people of all ages to be active and make the most of their community spaces.

The Inclusive Play Partnership is a key part of the Jupiter Play brand and provides help in guiding their clients through inclusive design. Using a range of Inclusive Play products helps to ensure that their projects cater for everyone so all children have the opportunity to play together, regardless of their ability.


Northern Ireland

Garden Escapes was founded in 2006 and has grown to be one of Ireland’s leading providers of playground & outdoor gym equipment. They offer a design and consultation service right through to project management, installation and even maintenance.

Their experienced team has the knowledge & skills to help guide you through the process of creating the perfect play environment, providing outdoor play spaces that help children to learn, grow and challenge themselves by triggering all the senses. Inclusive Play’s comprehensive and varied product range is all-encompassing and succeeds in triggering the six senses which helps to ensure a rounded play experience that challenges an individual in numerous ways.


Wales & England

Dragon Play & Sports, based in Wales, has 30 years combined experience in the UK play industry. They can therefore use their knowledge to work closely with customers and generate solutions to their unique requirements, whether that be an urban or a rural setting. Partnering with Inclusive Play, they can ensure that their play spaces will cater for children of all abilities.


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