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The Accessible Britain Challenge approves of PiPA!

PiPA part of Accessible Britain

On 4th September Mark Harper, Minister of State for Disabled People launched the Accessible Britain Challenge, a campaign very close to the hearts of Inclusive Play.

The Accessible Britain Challenge encourages communities to be inclusive and accessible. That means working with disabled people to remove the barriers that stop them participating fully in their community.

The UK’s 12.2 million disabled people make a positive contribution to employment and local economies. The Accessible Britain Challenge wants to share great examples of this so others can learn from them.

This fits with Inclusive Play’s model of design and development which follows the social model of disability; a socially created problem and it is up to all of us to make the design changes to environments and products to make them more accessible.

As part of our ongoing campaign to increase awareness around inclusion, Inclusive Play released PiPA a free of charge tool featured on our website, to help designers create more accessible play spaces for disabled families. This too helps designers to understand a wider ranger of disability and not focus on a physical disability which is a common occurrence in open space planning.

Inclusive Play were delighted to learn that the Governments accompanying website for this challenge listed PiPA as a recommended resource as part of the Accessible Britain Challenge.

Why not try it yourself now on either, a new build or to audit an existing play space, to see if you can make it more accessible?

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