No two kids are the same.
But they all love to play!

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Finding Funds for Play

You have a vision, you have the support of the children/local community/parents, you may even have had a bake sale or held an event to raise some money…..but you are still short of funds to build your play space. Where do you begin to find more?

Finding grants and funding sources in the UK can feel like opening a can of worms, but with a bit of planning, a clear written vision, time and a committed team (or one person willing to lead the project) you are one step closer to securing that extra funding needed to make your vision a reality.

Whatever your needs are, we can provide you with guidance for funding!

What Will Funders Pay For?

Building better lives for children, vulnerable people, communities and the environment are always high on the agenda for most funding bodies. Some funders will support capital investments into new build projects like playgrounds and play equipment, others fund support services, the costs of running play and sport activities and help to care for children with special needs.


Request the Inclusive Play Funding Pack

Inclusive Play have created a brand new Funding Pack for 2017 including briefs on 46 UK based funders, which provide grants and donations to community groups, schools, charities and parish councils to support creating and improve play areas for children.

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