No two kids are the same.
But they all love to play!

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Our Products

We focus on designing products that open up a wider range of play opportunities for all children. To do this, we look at playground favourites and the general play experiences enjoyed by many children. We also think about the barriers to play for children who may not normally have access to all equipment. We give those products a makeover – or we start from scratch – and come up with new ideas that all children will love.

Thanks to our continuing dialogue with key charities and leading UK and European organisations, we have a genuine understanding of the types of barriers to play that can affect many children.

Explore our range within Moving, Musical, Sensory & Multiplay by clicking the images below.

Interactive Play Equipment

Electronic play equipment is a new phenomena sweeping across outdoor playgrounds all over the world.
The key to long term sustainability is to create products that are inclusive, have multiple functions or choices and where the power comes from a renewable source. We think we have the best solution! The Playnetic games; all powered by the energy we create from moving our bodies!


Spinning and moving equipment provides great levels of sensorial and motor stimulation for all. Children experience speed and controlled movement. This type of play equipment can enable children to acquire or improve their body control and synchronize their movements. Items of equipment including swinging and active movements are a source of positive and unusual feelings for children. These movements can combine coordination, elevated sensations and an awareness of height with fun and speed.


Music is the universal medium of communication, enjoyment, relaxation and brain development and stimulates parts of the brain related to reading, maths and emotional development.
Bring music into your play area and provide children a free accessible facility by using any number of our tuned instruments.

If you purchase any items from our Music Box range we will donate £50 to Music for Autism and support the cause of bringing sensory musical enjoyment to children.

Sensory and Play Panels

Sensory play equipment and play environments are crucial to a child’s development. Tactile experiences provided in the play space help develop and exercise the user’s sense of touch, smell, vision and sound. This provides the opportunity for a child to have their whole body involved in play, whether it be rolling down a hill, getting wet or playing in sand. Inclusive Play can help provide the opportunity for a child to feel at least one of these experiences.

Multiplay Equipment

Multiplay equipment offers a range of play activities in one solution. Inclusive Play are proud to have developed a niche range that is truly inclusive, accessible to all and offers a range of challenges that will suit a wide variety of needs.

Inclusive Play Packages

Although we have provided you with PiPA to help you design more inclusive playgrounds, we also understand that having a better grasp of the product mix and the design layout would also be useful.

We have designed 5 different Inclusive Play Packages, starting from just £5,000, to fit various budget levels, which include products from across our 4 ranges to make your play areas more inclusive.

These prices include delivery and installation (Mainland UK) and assumes site is flat, with good access. Any on-site issues may incur an additional charge.