Product Description

IP400 – IP403 Series Music Box

Creating music is one of the most powerful forms of development for all children; helping language, problem solving and spatial awareness as well as team work.  Our Music Box range has been designed to give children free access to creating music and can be bought as a set or as a one-off product, bringing the fun of music to both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Choose from the 4 options:

IP400 Xylophone

IP400 – 2D CAD

IP400 – 3D CAD

IP401 Glockenspiel

IP401 – 2D CAD

IP401 – 3D CAD

IP402 Tongue Drums

IP402 – 2D CAD

IP402 – 3D CAD

IP403 Bongos

IP403 – 2D CAD

IP403 – 3D CAD

IP400-403 – Data Sheet  

IP403 – Installation Pack

Play Panel – Maintenance Instructions

IP400-3 – TÜV

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