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Product Description

Product Description

This £35,000 iSwing Package is the largest of our packages and has been designed using items from each of our best selling products. This price includes delivery and installation (Mainland UK) and assumes site is flat, with good access. Any amendments may incur an additional charge.

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Package includes:

  • IP15 iSwing – fully wheelchair accessible swing can be pushed or users with upper body strength/manual dexterity can use the suspended pulleys to move the swing. 
  • IP16 Butterfly is designed to be at wheelchair transfer height for greater accessibility. The Butterfly can be used in a myriad of ways, as gentle rocking seating, as a see-saw or as a surfboard!
  • IP09 Fusion – A fusion of fun and excitement for all, the Fusion is a smaller more compact unit that spins and rocks.
  • IP05 Orb – offers intrigue and fun to any space; children, teenagers and adults have all been enticed to engage with this friendly smiling jingly head.
  • IP500 Music Ball is a lovely interactive item which plays music. There is no need for electricity, all it requires is for the child to push the crank around, or for children in wheelchairs or with limited mobility, just gently pushing it from side to side.
  • IP305 Fun Reflections is a wonderfully interactive way for children to build self-awareness and explore expressions. It allows children to interact and look at others without being with them.