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Product Description

Product Description

This £25,000 Wheelspin Package has been designed using items from each of our product ranges. This price includes delivery and installation (Mainland UK) and assumes site is flat, with good access. Any amendments may incur an additional charge.

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Package Includes:

  • IP22 Wave Swing are a playground favourite and can be a social space for children to play in groups. At wheelchair accessible height, the basket seat is shallow and allows children to move in and out more easily if movement is difficult for the child.
  • IP12 Wheelspin embraces the true meaning of inclusion and social integration by allowing children in wheelchairs to play along with several other children.
  • IP17 Orb Rocker has a fun four way seating system, which also makes chiming sounds which increase the play value and sensory experience.
  • IP413 Chime Quartet provides a great opportunity fir children to work in a team or on their own and learn how to create musical and coordinate their skills.
  • IP303 Collider offers children with limited mobility to enjoy watching the movement of the collider.