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Product Description

Product Description

This £16,000 Dynamic Play Package offers products which allow for inclusive play in a number of ways. This price includes delivery and installation (Mainland UK) and assumes site is flat, with good access. Any amendments may incur an additional charge

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Package includes:

  • IP20 Infinity Bowl – is a playground must have, with its unique dipped edge design feature, this has been carefully designed to increase inclusivity and allows for much easier access into and out of the bowl.
  • IP31 2m x 2m Trampoline – one of the most popular play activities for children (and adults!) of all ages, not only are trampolines great for fitness, posture and for rebound therapy they are also great for developing proprioception.
  • IP17 Orb Rocker – allows up to four friends to play together and combines the sensory delights from the sound of the inner stainless steel ball bearings with the traditional design of a springer.
  • IP411 Rainbow Beat – a great option if you are looking for striking design and musical play, also has the benefit of having no smaller fitting such as beaters which could be difficult to grasp for some children.