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Inclusive Play’s 1st iSwings in the USA!

At Inclusive Play we’re continually striving to help our customers around the world to create play spaces which enable children, no matter their ability, to play together.

A highlight of our 2017 has been, through the incredible hard work of our US based customer and our Business Manager Joanne Talbot, the installation of the first iSwings in the United States of America, bringing the joy of play to a community which previously had no provision for their children who use wheelchairs.

It was through out Facebook page that Scott Sawyer, Director of The City of Newberry’s Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department, reached out to Inclusive Play to discuss our products and in particular our IP15 iSwing.  Scott was on a mission to raise awareness of the need for accessible and inclusive play areas not only within his own community but nationwide and recognised that Inclusive Play’s products provided what he couldn’t currently find within the US play market.

After extensive back and forth communication between Joanne and Scott our first 2 USA bound iSwings made their way across the Atlantic in August ready to be installed in Newberry’s ‘Marion Davis Park’.  

Of the project Scott says “…it was an awesome experience communicating with Joanne Talbot via e-mail.  This was a major endeavour by the City of Newberry and proved to be quite a challenge working out all of the details, but Joanne was patient enough to answer all of my many questions.  United States playground companies do not produce a wheelchair swing product that even comes close to the quality of the IP15 iSwing…The ease of use and solid construction surpassed any other swing I came across in my research.  

Many people in our community and likely around the world probably don’t think about accessible and inclusive play for the special needs population.  Not because they don’t care, but because it hasn’t occurred to them.  Community members attending the ribbon cutting for the swings saw two precious girls being the first to swing on the Inclusive Play swings and the smiles on their faces and the excitement they showed was absolutely awesome.  It was not only an impact for the girls and their families, but for those community members who got to witness it.

Many of the Newberry families with special needs children have used social media to set up play dates to meet at the park and let ALL of their kids play.  The City of Newberry is thankful for the cooperation of Inclusive Play in working to bring the iSwing experience to our community.”

The iSwings have been such a success in Newberry that they’ve even been featured in the local press.  WLTX19’s article spotlighted Itzey’s story, who hasn’t been able to join in the fun while visiting her local park with her brothers and sisters who can play freely.  The introduction of the iSwings mean Itzey can join in the fun now too!  

City of Newberry’s Manager Matt DeWitt said, “I have a feeling this type of park addition is something you’ll be seeing a lot more of in the City of Newberry…There is no reason that children of all ability levels can’t play, learn and grow in an inclusive and accessible environment that works for everyone.  We never want a brother, sister or friend to feel excluded from play, and this is more important than ever.”

At Inclusive Play we’re pretty proud of this project and so pleased that Scott’s hard work and dedication has paid off to create a fantastic space which the whole community in Newberry can now enjoy.  We look forward to working with Scott and his team again in the future so that they can continue to increase the inclusive play opportunities in their community and lead the way in inclusive provision across the United States.

With our unique focus on designing, developing and manufacturing innovative and quality products which offer choice and challenge whilst considering impairment, how could we help your existing or future project be more inclusive too?

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