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Inclusive Play Talk to BBC On Lack of Inclusive Play Areas in UK

Lord Blunkett unveiled a report by the charity Sense that disabled children are being failed at every level to access opportunities to play.

A range of reasons have been cited; a lack of focus by the Government, insufficient funding and negative attitudes by parents, all contribute to major barriers for disabled children accessing play like any other child.

Meghan Kemp, General Manager from Inclusive Play was invited to a live debate on BBC Radio London Drivetime alongside Lord Blunkett and Lesley Rogers who chaired the inquiry by charity Sense.

Meghan described her own personal experiences at public play spaces with her brother who has Down syndrome, and how negative reactions, often from parents, can really inhibit families from accessing the little provision that is available.

Passionate to make a change and highlight the need for all children to play, Inclusive Play developed PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) a tool that assists any play provider to understand how to design for a range of disabilities.

‘We need to see more adoption of this tool and a commitment to inclusive design. Every child deserves the right to reach their full potential and play is a massive part of that.’ says Meghan. For more information on PiPA visit

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