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Inclusive Play Packages

We know that designing an inclusive space can sometimes be daunting, but don’t worry, Inclusive Play are here to help!

We have created 7 new inclusive play and sports packages including fantastic products from across our range to make your space more inclusive.  

Everything from Sensory and Dynamic play to our iSwing and Wheelspin Roundabout to Fitness, Multi-Use Games Areas or Skate Ramps; we’ve got all budgets and all abilities covered.  

Every child has the right to play and our designers have focused on equipment that offers full accessibility and inclusion as well as fun and challenge.  


The Sensory Package includes:


The Dynamic Package includes:


The Wheelspin Package includes:


The iSwing Package includes:


The Gym Package includes:

  • IP600 Big Shoulder Wheels
  • IP601 Accessible Arm & Pedal Bike
  • IP602 Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • IP603 Sit Up Bench
  • IP604 Bicycle


The MUGA Package includes:

  • 7m Wide Kickwall
  • 3 x HDPE Target Panels


The Skate Package includes:

  • Bank Ramp 600 x 2400
  • Drive Way 300 x 2400
  • Quarter Pipe 600 x 2400


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