No two kids are the same.
But they all love to play!

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Inclusive Play is in global demand

When Inclusive Play began we had a vision to create playground equipment that would enable all children to play in their local play parks, regardless of ability, disability or special need. At the time we were UK focused as we recognised there was a huge need for enabling play accessibility for ALL children.

However over the years it has become apparent that the lack of inclusive play opportunities was not uniquely a UK issue, but in fact a global one and over the last year we have made some wonderful contacts from all continents of the world. This has included charities, individuals, families and other playground suppliers who have all been passionate about increasing more play opportunities for all children.

We now have products and schemes in France, Denmark, Croatia, Germany and Australia with the main photo here taken at Manly Park, North Steyne near Sydney Australia.

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I LOVE all of your products! We are passionate about bringing these incredible products over here!

Kristen Malfara, The Morgan Project, USA