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We’re Giving ‘Blue Monday’ a Makeover!

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theteamEvery year we hear the moans and groans of the January blues and apparently more so today, 19th January the third Monday in the month, now dubbed as ‘Blue Monday’. The team at Inclusive Play aren’t up for that kind of negativity, we like the colour blue (naturally, look at our logo!) so we are joining in with to spread a little happiness and awareness.

Last year we gave you the opportunity to meet our team, this year we have roped in people from all over the UK who are either currently working with children with special needs or disabilities or who would really like to learn more about SEND.

We are going to share their stories with you through our campaign ‘Blue Faces Takeover’ to raise awareness around a range of disabilities and special needs so that we can all work together to bring more opportunities and equal rights to these children here in the UK and hopefully globally too!

Just keep an eye out for stories on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and if you would like to be a Blue Face that Takes over email us now on


Wear your sweater to make it better is back!

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The team here at Inclusive Play never need an excuse to get into the Christmas spirit and don a silly jumper, but when there is a good cause like Save the Children that can benefit from our silly festive behaviour then we’re in! This year we are roping in our friends at Park Leisure, Urban Ramps and Jupiter Play too! If you want to get involved just contact

Xmas Jumper Best

Now in its third year this campaign has raised £1.6 million so far, so let’s keep doing our bit to give children all over the world a fighting chance of life.

Save The Children support some of the most vulnerable children across the world. Currently working in 120 countries they are focused on saving children’s lives and giving them a better chance in life. When there is a crisis they move quickly to support children who may be in life threatening situations or have lost their family in the Ebola crisis or civil war in Syria.

Save the Children are also committed to making a sustainable change and provide vital programmes within education, health, poverty, hunger and child protection.

Let’s make a positive change; all it takes is £2 (that’s not even a fancy coffee out in town or a pint down the local!) just text: TEAMIPLAY to 70050 and your money will go a long way to provide life this christmas. This year the UK Government has pledged to double your money so get texting!

We promise we will post our photos for you all to have a laugh at!

Track our progress on the Woolly Wonderboard

Inclusive Play is in global demand

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When Inclusive Play began we had a vision to create playground equipment that would enable all children to play in their local play parks, regardless of ability, disability or special need. At the time we were UK focused as we recognised there was a huge need for enabling play accessibility for ALL children.

However over the years it has become apparent that the lack of inclusive play opportunities was not uniquely a UK issue, but in fact a global one and over the last year we have made some wonderful contacts from all continents of the world. This has included charities, individuals, families and other playground suppliers who have all been passionate about increasing more play opportunities for all children.

We now have products and schemes in France, Denmark, Croatia, Germany and Australia with the main photo here taken at Manly Park, North Steyne near Sydney Australia.

If you’re passionate about delivering inclusion in your country contact us now on 0131 214 1023


I LOVE all of your products! We are passionate about bringing these incredible products over here!

Kristen Malfara, The Morgan Project, USA

The Accessible Britain Challenge approves of PiPA!

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PiPA part of Accessible Britain

On 4th September Mark Harper, Minister of State for Disabled People launched the Accessible Britain Challenge, a campaign very close to the hearts of Inclusive Play.

The Accessible Britain Challenge encourages communities to be inclusive and accessible. That means working with disabled people to remove the barriers that stop them participating fully in their community.

The UK’s 12.2 million disabled people make a positive contribution to employment and local economies. The Accessible Britain Challenge wants to share great examples of this so others can learn from them.

This fits with Inclusive Play’s model of design and development which follows the social model of disability; a socially created problem and it is up to all of us to make the design changes to environments and products to make them more accessible.

As part of our ongoing campaign to increase awareness around inclusion, Inclusive Play released PiPA a free of charge tool featured on our website, to help designers create more accessible play spaces for disabled families. This too helps designers to understand a wider ranger of disability and not focus on a physical disability which is a common occurrence in open space planning.

Inclusive Play were delighted to learn that the Governments accompanying website for this challenge listed PiPA as a recommended resource as part of the Accessible Britain Challenge.

Why not try it yourself now on either, a new build or to audit an existing play space, to see if you can make it more accessible?

IP21 Lollipip for PiPA

Come and see us at Playfair @ Saltex!

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Once again we’ll be exhibiting at the UK’s largest outdoor exhibition dedicated to play on Royal Windsor Racecourse 2-4 September 2014.

This year we will even have our own space on stand K20 as we continue with the launch of the innovative PiPA tool – a free tool that has been designed in association with KIDS, the children’s charity, to help landscape architects and local authorities design more inclusively. It also helps families find their local play space by placing all PiPA accredited play spaces on the PiPA map.

Book a place with us on the PiPA Clinic, where we can help you plan your designs or even use it to audit existing provision. Either way we are here to help advise you how to create better more accessible, inclusive and fun play spaces.

Book now by emailing: with ‘PiPA Clinic’ in the subject title.

The future of inclusive playground design

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How do you go about designing an inclusive play space?

For many of our clients this is a minefield, how do you design for a range of abilities when you perhaps don’t actually know much about disability? We know, we have gone through this learning curve ourselves over the years, and we have now come out the other end but still learning and picking up new hints and tips all the time.

But this is what we do everyday, how are you supposed to design inclusively when this is not your everyday vocation?

After a lightbulb moment and collaborating with some of our very good friends at Kids, the children’s disability charity, and Occupational Therapists, both in the UK and USA, we have created a very unique tool to help designers create inclusive play spaces. Meet PiPA – the smiley face and the tool that will help you reach the inclusive goal.

PiPA-LogoPip's IP21 - Lollipop

Can families use this to help find local inclusive play spaces?

More uniquely, this tool can be used as a checklist by families, with disabled children, to create their own assessment on the inclusiveness of their local play space and whether it is right for them.

If the play space meets all the criteria set out within PiPA  it may be registered as a PiPA Playground complete with sign and listing onto The Pip-Stop-Map to help families all over the UK find their local inclusive play space.

PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) will be launched 1st July 2014 – for more information contact Kristina Hinks on

Easter treats – funding available now!

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Why not treat your community this Easter by making your playground more accessible and inclusive for all children?

If you’re ready to apply for funds NOW and have a park that needs updating or perhaps you are wanting to build one from scratch, then you have come to the right place. One little Easter bunny has told us that the Peoples Postcode Trust and Bank of Scotland are open for applications for up to £20k and £3k respectively.

Inclusive Play has lots of other funding advice and resource available, why not check out our Advice and Resources page for more information.

Easter Treats for Inclusive Play

Negative attitudes are holding our children back

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The disability charity Scope has joined forces with Mumsnet to survey parents of disabled children on their experiences of trying to access after-school activities such as youth clubs, sports clubs, brownies and scouts. These are activities that many children take for granted and create a fantastic opportunity for children to socialise with others of similar age or hobbies.

The results of the survey, conducted by Scope and supported by Mumsnet, suggest that improving the attitudes and confidence of staff and organisers is what would make groups and activities more inclusive for disabled children. Many parents and children are turned away from clubs due to a lack of knowledge which leaves families feeling isolated and desperate.Six in ten parents of disabled children say their son or daughter has been unable to access youth clubs, play groups and other local activities, because they were disabled. This means that many disabled children are missing out on the opportunity to socialise and mix with children who are not disabled.

Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest website for parents, and the charity Scope, are calling on local councils to do more to make local children’s provision, like leisure activities, groups and play centres, inclusive of disabled children and their families. As part of the new Children & Families Bill, the Government is updating guidance for councils on this issue. Mumsnet and Scope say that the Government needs to set the tone for a culture change in local groups and centres, so they are inclusive and accessible for all children and families.

With some organisation and planning, disabled children can happily take part in all kinds of extra-curricular activities. Hopefully with the implementation of the new Children & Families Bill the opportunities for children with disabilities will rise and that’s another step closer to an inclusive country.


Meet us at The Education Show 2014!

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Education Show

This year The Education Show at Birmingham NEC, 20th-22nd March, promises to be a richer event than ever before, packed with CPD’s, networking opportunities and a chance to meet a wide variety of suppliers and service providers.

With keynote speakers such as Brian Cox, who will undoubtedly bring the enthusiasm we have come to love from his TV shows such as ‘Wonders of The Universe’, the event is all about inspiring us all to face the new year and new challenges.

The team at Inclusive Play are delighted to be attending a show with such a reputable keynote speaker who, has made learning and science so much more accessible, which really strikes a chord with us.

We will be showcasing our new Music Box and why music is such an important part of child development. Our partners from Playnetic will also be there to showcase our new interactive products which brings electronic play, learning and fun together.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic event, sign up now online or contact us at for more information.


Is your Monday Blue too?

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Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year, however there is one group, trying to reclaim the day and make it a day of positive action and fun.

They have a ‘pay it forward’ ethos focusing on making people around them happy, through small gestures of kindness to full blown charity events. And that brings us nicely to Inclusive Play’s own Pay it Forward Blue Monday scheme!

You may have noticed the face of Inclusive Play is a blue smiley, so yes all our days here are blue – but we kind of like it that way! And the happy bunch that we are here, are setting up an online interactive Inclusive Play Map, to help families with children with special needs connect with their local play space, bringing the community together.

We hope to see lots of blue smileys across the UK – to brighten up a child’s day!

Why is this so important? We have lots of families asking us where they can go, truth is we don’t know! So working with local authorities, communities and architects we will help to identify some great play areas now, or alternatively provide an inclusion assessment toolkit to help identify improvements in provision.

The Result? Creating inclusive spaces for every child to play!

Our gesture of kindness today? Some yummy inclusive play smiley cupcakes, baked by the lovely Rebecca Calvert! For the rest of the week we will be revealing the people behind the logo and what inclusive play means to them.

For more information on how to assess your play area and list your playground on the map please contact us today on 0131 214 1180 or email

IP21 - Planet Inclusive Sign B (3)