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Good Design Starts with Consultation

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An essential part of the work Inclusive Play carry out is to work extensively with our end users. We must understand the needs of all children and how we can ensure all children can access the play activities we offer.

We were delighted to host a consultation event on 21st April 2016 inviting the students from St Nicholas School and the linked community college to gain their ideas, observe how they interacted with the play items on offer and most importantly let them be part of the brand new inclusive play multiplay unit development  – the Omnibus. This is a completely inclusive unit designed to be accessible, yet still challenging for the children who need that play value, and offers complete sensory engagement and the children and young people loved it!

Omnibus Multiplay Inclusive Play

This type of engagement is a great way for us to sense check that our designs match the need of the people we are designing for. It also gives us clues into other elements we may not have thought about or need to develop further. We are pleased to say though that the Omnibus got the thumbs up and the children will get to have a go on at their own playground in the new School term in September.

If you would like more information about multiplay units available from Inclusive Play please contact

Inclusive Play Talk to BBC On Lack of Inclusive Play Areas in UK

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Lord Blunkett unveiled a report by the charity Sense that disabled children are being failed at every level to access opportunities to play.

A range of reasons have been cited; a lack of focus by the Government, insufficient funding and negative attitudes by parents, all contribute to major barriers for disabled children accessing play like any other child.

Meghan Kemp, General Manager from Inclusive Play was invited to a live debate on BBC Radio London Drivetime alongside Lord Blunkett and Lesley Rogers who chaired the inquiry by charity Sense.

Meghan described her own personal experiences at public play spaces with her brother who has Down syndrome, and how negative reactions, often from parents, can really inhibit families from accessing the little provision that is available.

Passionate to make a change and highlight the need for all children to play, Inclusive Play developed PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) a tool that assists any play provider to understand how to design for a range of disabilities.

‘We need to see more adoption of this tool and a commitment to inclusive design. Every child deserves the right to reach their full potential and play is a massive part of that.’ says Meghan. For more information on PiPA visit

Inclusive Play Sign Sol Joel

See us at tesSEN Show 2015!

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Inclusive Play are delighted to be exhibiting at one of the main events for the SEN sector and showcasing what we do, who we are and why we are really quite unique in the outdoor play sector.

Having tirelessly campaigned for better outdoor inclusive facilities for many years and launching PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas Tool) to help navigate the minefield that is outdoor inclusive design; it is with great pleasure that we will be at the tesSEN show to chat to visitors, showcase products but also use it as a great opportunity to increase our learning, what can we develop for the future so th every child has the same opportunity for play outdoors.

This is the event of the year for school leaders, teachers, support staff, parents and carers with an interest in SEN. Discover new opportunities and benefit from a wealth of expertise at TES SEN 2015.

We would love to see you so be sure to register your interest and come down to the Business Design Center in London 9th-10th October, we’ll be on Stand 153. See you there!

Register Here

Inclusive Play Music Ball TESSEN


PiPA in Politics

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Every local authority across the country manage and own a portfolio of community playgrounds, yet there is no structure in place that ensures a proportion of these are truly inclusive. In a bid to change this Inclusive Play has been working tirelessly with a number of great organisations and individuals to create PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) to make the process of designing inclusive play areas much easier.

General Manager, Kristina Hinks, met with Linda Fabiani MSP at Scottish Parliament to campaign for this to be a requirement of Local Authorities in Scotland. Linda Fabiani is backing a campaign led by families of disabled children for better inclusive play facilities in East Kilbride and has been a real supporter of the PiPA tool.

The next step is to take PiPA to the Children’s Minister and see how we can start to make change and inform new policy for better access to community facilities for children with disabilities and special needs. Watch this space!

The First PiPA Designed Inclusive Playground

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Earley Town Council are close to completion of the UK’s very first designed from scratch PiPA Inclusive Playground at Sol Joel. The park is designed to be fully inclusive for all children and will engage youngsters with special needs and disabilities.

Earley Town Council, together with the support of Wokingham Borough Council, have been busy consulting with representatives of Reach Wokingham, Peapods and the Special Educational Needs Department at Earley St. Peter’s School (the School backs on to the Park).

It was increasingly apparent that the region is without a choice of free inclusive play area facilities, a fact that is backed up by KIDS the Disabled Children’s Charity who have found less than 47% of play spaces are accessible across the UK.

To remedy that Earley Town Council worked with the Inclusive Play’s PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) tool to create a fantastic multi-sensory project designed together with Jupiter Play and Inclusive Play.

The play area will be open in time for the school summer holidays 2015.


Develop literacy skills with Audionetic & Clickety

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Literacy continues to be an area that many people of all ages struggle with; The World Literacy Foundation found that 1 in 5 of the UK population continue to struggle with basic levels of reading. Typical information points found in tourist spots or public spaces are often rendered useless or can become embarrassing for parents who are unable to read complex information or stories.

Inclusive Play are proud to work with the most innovative partners. The latest content for the Audionetic interactive audio range are the Clickety stories. Clickety Books is a children’s publishers that develops engaging books and resources with a unique twist; they work with experienced speech and language therapists to design stories that help to develop speech and language skills.

Founded on the principles of Auditory Input Therapy, these stories contain lots of rhythm, rhyme and repetition. This forms the foundation for clearer speech, greater confidence in talking and supports work on individual sound identification that is necessary for early literacy development.

All the stories have been narrated by some well-loved British comedians; Rik Mayall, Catherine Tate and Ronni Ancona and for a school or club setting can also be accompanied by the beautifully illustrated books. Working with well-known voices creates a connection with adults who can enjoy the humour of the stories and for children… well; it’s just a platform for their imagination!

Up on the roof

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When space becomes an issue, why not take your project to the roof? This is what the team at Educarium in Poland decided to do when working with Bydgoszcz main hospital, Bydgoszcz.

The Inclusive Play Orbs and Mezzo are featured as part of a sensory and ground game trail that also provides a more playful view for the patients staying at the hospital.

Offering playful respite is a great to unwind for patients of any age and Inclusive Play are often engaged with many medical and respite centers to create uplifting playful and therapeutic environments.

Want to know more? Contact us on 0131 2141023 or now.

We’re Giving ‘Blue Monday’ a Makeover!

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theteamEvery year we hear the moans and groans of the January blues and apparently more so today, 19th January the third Monday in the month, now dubbed as ‘Blue Monday’. The team at Inclusive Play aren’t up for that kind of negativity, we like the colour blue (naturally, look at our logo!) so we are joining in with to spread a little happiness and awareness.

Last year we gave you the opportunity to meet our team, this year we have roped in people from all over the UK who are either currently working with children with special needs or disabilities or who would really like to learn more about SEND.

We are going to share their stories with you through our campaign ‘Blue Faces Takeover’ to raise awareness around a range of disabilities and special needs so that we can all work together to bring more opportunities and equal rights to these children here in the UK and hopefully globally too!

Just keep an eye out for stories on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ and if you would like to be a Blue Face that Takes over email us now on


Wear your sweater to make it better is back!

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The team here at Inclusive Play never need an excuse to get into the Christmas spirit and don a silly jumper, but when there is a good cause like Save the Children that can benefit from our silly festive behaviour then we’re in! This year we are roping in our friends at Park Leisure, Urban Ramps and Jupiter Play too! If you want to get involved just contact

Xmas Jumper Best

Now in its third year this campaign has raised £1.6 million so far, so let’s keep doing our bit to give children all over the world a fighting chance of life.

Save The Children support some of the most vulnerable children across the world. Currently working in 120 countries they are focused on saving children’s lives and giving them a better chance in life. When there is a crisis they move quickly to support children who may be in life threatening situations or have lost their family in the Ebola crisis or civil war in Syria.

Save the Children are also committed to making a sustainable change and provide vital programmes within education, health, poverty, hunger and child protection.

Let’s make a positive change; all it takes is £2 (that’s not even a fancy coffee out in town or a pint down the local!) just text: TEAMIPLAY to 70050 and your money will go a long way to provide life this christmas. This year the UK Government has pledged to double your money so get texting!

We promise we will post our photos for you all to have a laugh at!

Track our progress on the Woolly Wonderboard

Inclusive Play is in global demand

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When Inclusive Play began we had a vision to create playground equipment that would enable all children to play in their local play parks, regardless of ability, disability or special need. At the time we were UK focused as we recognised there was a huge need for enabling play accessibility for ALL children.

However over the years it has become apparent that the lack of inclusive play opportunities was not uniquely a UK issue, but in fact a global one and over the last year we have made some wonderful contacts from all continents of the world. This has included charities, individuals, families and other playground suppliers who have all been passionate about increasing more play opportunities for all children.

We now have products and schemes in France, Denmark, Croatia, Germany and Australia with the main photo here taken at Manly Park, North Steyne near Sydney Australia.

If you’re passionate about delivering inclusion in your country contact us now on 0131 214 1023


I LOVE all of your products! We are passionate about bringing these incredible products over here!

Kristen Malfara, The Morgan Project, USA