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Understanding Autism with Tailor Ed Foundation

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At Inclusive Play, we are committed to learning about the different challenges people face, both professionally and in every day life for parents, carers, adults and children alike. We strive to educate ourselves so we can continue to provide the best inclusive products and design on the market.

Last week on September 7th 2017, members of the Inclusive Play team attended an Understanding Autism workshop led by Pete from Tailor Ed Foundation, hosted at The Yard.

The Understanding Autism workshop provides up to date understanding of autism and includes examples of how autism affects different people in different ways. It provides a method to think about how autism affects children and opportunities to consider this.

It was an extremely informative workshop and it was great to have open discussion about inclusive play opportunities for children with autism and the use of creating quiet spaces in outdoor play.

Thank you to Pete for hosting the fantastic workshop and The Yard for hosting, we look forward to attending more workshops in the coming months!




Negative attitudes are holding our children back

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The disability charity Scope has joined forces with Mumsnet to survey parents of disabled children on their experiences of trying to access after-school activities such as youth clubs, sports clubs, brownies and scouts. These are activities that many children take for granted and create a fantastic opportunity for children to socialise with others of similar age or hobbies.

The results of the survey, conducted by Scope and supported by Mumsnet, suggest that improving the attitudes and confidence of staff and organisers is what would make groups and activities more inclusive for disabled children. Many parents and children are turned away from clubs due to a lack of knowledge which leaves families feeling isolated and desperate.Six in ten parents of disabled children say their son or daughter has been unable to access youth clubs, play groups and other local activities, because they were disabled. This means that many disabled children are missing out on the opportunity to socialise and mix with children who are not disabled.

Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest website for parents, and the charity Scope, are calling on local councils to do more to make local children’s provision, like leisure activities, groups and play centres, inclusive of disabled children and their families. As part of the new Children & Families Bill, the Government is updating guidance for councils on this issue. Mumsnet and Scope say that the Government needs to set the tone for a culture change in local groups and centres, so they are inclusive and accessible for all children and families.

With some organisation and planning, disabled children can happily take part in all kinds of extra-curricular activities. Hopefully with the implementation of the new Children & Families Bill the opportunities for children with disabilities will rise and that’s another step closer to an inclusive country.


Children in Need 2013

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This year Children in Need have embarked on their most ambitious build yet, as they send Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team to Peterborough to create a brand-new building for the charity organisation Little Miracles. Hundreds of volunteers from around the UK have grouped together to help with this fantastic cause.

The Little Miracles centre supports children with disabilities and life-limiting illnesses and their families. They have outgrown their current building and the DIY SOS team have had to demolish and completely rebuild it from the ground up!

This has of course involved landscaping the grounds and including a playground. Inclusive Play has donated two items to this great cause; the Minisphere and an Orb. The Minisphere is a 2 sided play panel at a low height for access to young children and wheelchair users. The Orb is a highly sensory, fun and accessible unit for every child. It rocks, makes a sound and textured surface make it highly tactile.

A member of our team Vince Perry went to visit the site; “It was a real privilege to be involved in such an amazing event. The scale of the project was huge and it was rewarding to be able to contribute towards the outdoor play space. Watching all the children having fun was very special.””

The BBC Children in Need team have been keeping us all updated with snippets of videos on youtube and regular updates on twitter! The DIY SOS build was aired on a special show on BBC1 on Wednesday 13th at 8pm and is now available on BBCiplayer.


IP18 Minisphere at the Spinney