No two kids are the same.
But they all love to play!

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Australia & New Zealand

Playrope’s extensive experience building playgrounds across Australia & New Zealand means that they’re perfectly positioned to provide the advice and expertise required to make your playground dreams a reality. Any playground design requires extensive planning, getting the relevant permissions, product delivery & installation must all be considered if the project is going to be completed as effectively as possible.

Nearly 20 per cent of Australians live with a disability, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission, a figure which includes children too. This shows just how important inclusive and accessible play is in allowing a large percentage of the population to have an equal opportunity to play with, and in the same way as, their peers. Inclusive Play’s comprehensive and varied product range is not only all-encompassing but succeeds in triggering the six senses, ensuring a rounded play experience that challenges an individual in numerous ways.


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