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Modifications to Product Range

We have been making modifications to our extensive product range. New colour combinations on some of our products makes them suitable in any play environment, whilst a modification to our IP09 Fusion SMR has brought it down drastically in price, without spoiling any of the fun!


We added two new colours to our popular IP05 Orb range. We now have a Blue and White Orb which combines nicely with much of our other equipment, such as the IP12 Wheelspin or the IP16 Butterfly. The Blue and White Orb has ball bearings inside which stimulates a child’s sense of sound, whilst also offering a tactile experience.

We also now supply a green and beige Orb, which combines nicely with our natural colour range, such as the IP308 Tactile Topiary or the IP12RW-BYB Rain Wheel. This Orb has the calming sound of wind chimes inside.

Fusion SMR

We modified our IP09 Fusion, renaming it the IP09 Fusion SMR. This is now a single movement rotation spinner, no longer oscillating. This has seen a reduction in price of around £1,400 to a price of £3,250. As with the previous version it is designed at wheelchair transfer height with a ledge to aid transfer, with its deep saucer it offers postural support to those who need it. It now comes with a new bubble design giving it a fresher look.


The Colourfly is now available in green !